The safety of all our customers and staff is our top priority.

  • ✓ Please note that the use of masks is mandatory in the hotel’s public areas.
  • ✓ The temperature is taken at all customer and staff entrances. In the event of a fever, for the safety of all, guests will not be allowed to stay at the property.
  • ✓ The number of cleanings in the common areas has increased.
  • ✓ Please note that cleaning of rooms with guests inside is not allowed.
  • ✓ The surfaces of the rooms are cleaned with specific disinfectants.
  • ✓ All guests are provided with disinfectant gel in the common areas and rooms.
  • ✓ All customers and staff are required to respect the minimum safety distance, marked at 2 meters.

All these sanitary measures and recommendations are applied to ensure a pleasant and safe stay. We are convinced that our service will live up to your expectations.